Get to Know More About World Gold Council and Its Role in the Global Gold Industry

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Get to Know More About World Gold Council and Its Role in the Global Gold Industry Gold Council is an organization founded in 1987 and based in London, England. The organization aims to promote the use of gold and support the global gold industry. World Gold Council has members from all over the world, including gold mining companies, jewelry producers, investors, and central banks.

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The Role of World Gold Council in the Global Gold Industry

World Gold Council has a crucial role in the global gold industry, including:

  • Encouraging the use of gold as a safe and profitable investment asset
  • Increasing market demand for gold through marketing and promotion programs
  • Facilitating the latest research and development in the gold industry
  • Supporting sustainable and responsible business practices in the gold mining industry
  • Improving market transparency and helping to develop international standards in gold trading

World Gold Council Programs and Initiatives

World Gold Council has various programs and initiatives aimed at supporting the global gold industry, including:

  • Goldhub: an online platform that provides market information and data on gold prices, demand, and supply
  • Global Gold Forum: an annual meeting attended by leaders in the global gold industry to discuss current issues in the industry
  • Responsible Gold Mining Principles: a framework used to assess the performance of gold mining from a social, environmental, and governance perspective
  • Market Development: marketing and promotion programs aimed at increasing market demand for gold
  • Investment: a program that provides information and support for investors who want to invest in gold
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